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Hi! I'm Joann the owner; I'm also an artist and bohemian at heart. Having grown up in San Francisco I've seen the many fashion trends come and go, some good, some not so much. I modeled in my early years, discovered it's not my thing, but I did learn a lot about fashion and love sharing that knowledge with others. I opened my vintage store in 1997, moved a couple of times throughout the Bay Area and after settling in San Juan Bautista, Covid hit! Business nearly came to a screeching halt; to make ends meet I sold online. After a time things started to pick up slowly, but I soon realized having a shop is wonderful, but during the past years I discovered I did better selling online. So after 25+ years I've decided to close my physical location and open an Etsy online store. Now in my spare time I'm able to do photoshoots, produce fashion shows and being an indie filmmaker, I now have time to write, direct and produce short films. I also do stop-motion and shoot toy photography with my husband which are other passions of mine. 

My Etsy store: TimeZoneVintage, is seasonal, with a great selection of men's and women's clothing from 1940's classics, 50's rockabilly, 60's Madmen, 70's disco, 80's glam-rock, accessories and jewelry. In the summertime we carry a fantastic selection of vintage bathing suits, rompers and 1960's hot pants (short-shorts), mens Hawaiian shirts, bathing trunks and so much more!

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